Artist’s Statement

Beadwork sprang from my interest in botany. It is the perfect media to reflect how the world is made up of tiny little particles that are all connected in this mysterious way. Beading allows me to combine all my skills — sewing, knitting, painting, and sculpting — into a very unique art form that interacts with light.

I am constantly influenced by nature. The shapes and color combinations offer endless quantities of inspiration.



1984: BFA  ~  Maryland Institute, College of Art, Baltimore MD


2011: Pink Tank • CityArts, York PA
2010-2011: Jewels and Textiles • Pole Bijou, Baccarat France
2005: Not the Knitting You Know • Eleven Eleven, Washington D.C.
2005: The Secret Garden • YorkArts, York PA
2002: The Audacious Bead • Bead Museum, Washington D.C.
2002: Catching the Light • Brookfield Craft Center, Brookfield CT
2002: International Bead Show • Dairy Barn, Athens OH
2001: Reality Check • Ohio Craft Museum, Columbus  OH
2000: Eloquent Beads: Past and Present • Lehigh University, Bethlehem PA
1999-2000: The Beaded Universe: Strands of Culture • American Craft Museum, New York NY
1999-2001: Hot and Cool Traveling Glass Exhibit


2003: The Art of Beadwork Book by Valerie Hector
2003: Surface Design Magazine, Volume 27 No.3 
2002: The Art and Elegance of Bead Weaving Book by Carol Wilcox Wells
1998: Ornament Magazine, Volume 22 No.1
1997-99, 2001: New Glass in Review • Corning Museum of Glass, Corning NY


2004: Pennsylvania Council of the Arts


• Mobilia, Cambridge MA
• Julie:Artisans’ Gallery, New York
• Pismo Gallery, Denver CO
• San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles, San Jose CA

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